Espresso Napoli

£4.75 £17.00

Hands down our most popular coffee, used as our house blend in the roastery and many coffee shops around the country. High roasted to produce a well-balanced and deep taste. Perfect for a flat white or milk based drinks.

Strength: 5

Espresso Milano

£4.75 £17.00

A smooth tasting coffee, Northern Italian in style. Medium roasted for an ideal shot of espresso.

Strength: 3

Espresso Roma

£5.00 £18.00

Our newly developed espresso, is a heady blend that includes the ever popular Malabar that provides an excellent crema and taste.

Strength: 4

Espresso Siena

£5.00 £18.00

A sophisticated blend for a discerning palate, touches of Ethiopian and Peru provide a mellow yet complete cup. Siena makes an excellent macchiato.

Strength: 3.5