Australian Skybury

£10.50 £40.00

Back by popular demand!

Set in the middle of tropical forests, in Queensland, the Australian skybury coffee is surprisingly smooth with a velvet character and soft body- extra special.

Strength: 4


Mount Everest Supreme Himalayan Arabica

£9.50 £36.00

Grown at the northernmost coffee plantation in the entire Northern hemisphere, this coffee from the foothills of Mount Everest is a dark roast, with an unbelievable smoothness!

Strength: 3


£4.50 £16.00

Long established and ever popular, our Italian is the darkest roast we do. It is a blend of several single origins to produce a dark, strong and well balanced flavour.

Strength: 5

Single Espresso with Saucer 4oz


Single Espresso with saucer 4oz.

Small Cappuccino with Saucer 8oz


Small cappuccino with saucer 8oz.

Large Cappuccino with Saucer 12oz


Large cappuccino with saucer 12oz

Tall Mug


Roberts & Co tall mug.



Roberts & Co apron.

Dark Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans


Dark Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans. 125grms.

The Espresso Box


Our The Espresso Box is a fantastic gift. The gift box contains 125g of; Espresso Milano, Espresso Napoli, Espresso Siena and Chocolate covered coffee beans.

Mountain Blend

£5.00 £17.00

A striking blend of coffees which suits any occasion, excellent for filter machines. Roasted to a medium shade to accentuate the coffee’s full tones, a touch of Kenya provides a gentle acidity.

Strength: 2

Decaffeinated Dark

£5.50 £20.00

Mountain water processed that removes the caffeine while keeping the coffee’s flavour in place without the use of harsh chemicals. Roasted to suit differing tastes we offer a medium and dark strength. (origins may vary)

Strength: 5


£8.00 £16.00

Rooibos – (red bush in Afrikaans) is grown in the region of Western Cape province in South Africa. With its high level of antioxidants, lack of caffeine and low tannin levels, it has become popular with health conscious consumers.

Brazilian Mate

£6.00 £12.00

Yerba Mate is a small shrub grown mainly in South America. It is a sub species of the holly family. The leavea are harvested and dried.

Green Peppermint

£6.00 £12.00

Small pellets of Gunpowder tea are blended with peppermint oil to give the flavour that is so popular in Morocco.

Japanese Cherry

£7.00 £14.00

The Japanese green tea – bancha – infused with cherries to produce a sweet but refreshing taste.

Earl Grey Blue Lady

£6.00 £12.00

Black tea flavoured with bergamot and blue mallow flowers.

Earl Grey

£4.00 £8.00

The old favourite! Flavoured with oil of Bergamot. Very refreshing.

Ceylon / Indian Blend

£4.00 £8.00

This is a small leaf tea, known as Pekoe Fannings. The leaf size makes it a strong, quick brewing tea.